Industry pioneers and the contemporary Leader in Didde® replacement components, Parts Connection sets the standard in Quality and Inventory for Didde® equipment worldwide

The Specialists: Selling only Didde® Replacement Parts

What does this mean for our customers? Integrity and Results. Not only do we know the parts you need and have operations to supply, but we have no conflict of interest. Some in the industry sell warranties and full-scale equipment, others peddle their own presses. At Parts Connection our focus and ethics are pure, and our steadfast aim uncompromising; you get the right part, on time, every time. From South America to Southeast Asia, our customers are more than satisfied!

What to Expect Hint: It’s Better Here

Parts Connection’s unique synthesis of experience, innovation, and tradition translates to the best of every world. Ever current, we:

  • Utilize only state of the art machining facilities
  • Exhibit in major industry trade shows including; Graph Expo, The PRINT Series, and Graphics of the Americas
  • Maintain membership to NPES and DPES
  • Provide superior no-hassle returns, and more.
  • Possess Spanish speaking capabilities

In addition, true to the values of this company, we maintain an old-fashioned perspective on relationships and customer service. Our clients trust us, rely on us, and enjoy our professional expertise, international presence, and purchasing power.

The Originals: Personal Facts, Historical Beginnings

The Setting: The dawn of the 70’s in a garage. The Scene: Larry Sr. (Parts Connection Founder), and his brother Roy hammering out the details of their mission: keep Didde® equipment running and supply the definitive best replacement parts, period. They succeeded. The garage is gone, the mission prevails. Parts Connection Incorporated has kept their eye on the ball and continues to supply the highest quality parts while maintaining fair pricing and most importantly the parts are in stock when YOU need them.

Bjorn Ekloff


A veteran in the industry, Parts Connection President Bjorn Ekloff has 40 years specializing in Printing Press Equipment, and a working association and friendship with our founder Larry Peshkin Sr. dating back to the 80’s. More than just the President, Bjorn is vital to the Parts Connection tradition of knowledge, skill, and relationships. His comprehension is thorough; in the 80’s he rebuilt and serviced Didde® equipment, and trained others in proper Didde® Press Operation and maintenance.He proceeded to expand his work with Didde® even further, as the Maintenance Manager for an established Commercial Printer, before officially joining Parts Connection in 2001. By 2005 Bjorn was our Vice President, applying his expertise to Quality Control as well as Technical Service. After Larry Peshkin, Sr. passed away, Bjorn stepped in to ensure Parts Connection’s continued tradition of superior customer service and highest quality Didde® parts.

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